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Embed your Signup Form

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Embed your Signup Form

UPDATED: July 2018

The Formstack integration is no longer available. Please check our new Inline or Pop-up  Sign up forms. We even suggest looking into our Marketplace for other integrations!


 The information below is out of date.


Your webpage is like a work of art. It's a thing of beauty and you don't want to direct your visitors' eyes away from it. Constant Contact allows you to have people sign up for your contact lists without leaving your homepage. Through a partnership with Formstack, you can create up to three Join My List forms, for free, that you can embed on your webpage!


On your Constant Contact account, go to your Contacts tab, and click on Sign-Up Tools. Then, under the "Get more contacts" section, click on the button "Create a signup form".


Grant Formstack access to your account. This will allow contacts collected by the form to be added to your account.


As an added layer of security, you will need to log into your Constant Contact account in the new window that appears.



Finally, click on "Grant Access" to finish the connection between Constant Contact and Formstack.


Now we've made it to the good stuff, actually setting up the form. On the first page, it wants information about where the new contacts will be stored, and what to say when your contacts sign up. Just choose the list from the drop-down, and select the message you want. When you're ready, hit Next.

Next, you get to choose what information gets collected. You are limited to the options listed here, but in most cases these will be more than enough for what is needed. You can preview how the form will look from here, too. When you are set, hit Next.


Now you're ready to get the code. Just put in your email address and phone number to create a Formstack account and click the "Generate Code" button.



And there it is, your code, waiting for you to include it on your website!



With the Formstack account you can go in and edit the form, or delete it if you want to start over. You can have up to three forms at a time for free, so this is also a good solution if you want to have different websites point to different contact lists in your account.


Have you used an embedded signup form? We would love to see examples out in the wild. You can post them below.

Jeff Gilson
Community & Social Media Support

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Feature Request - Sign Up Form

Hello - I am a website developer and we set up many of our clients with Constant Contact. Once big complaint is when someone fills out the sign up box on the website, it takes them to a separate page to fill out more information. Is it possible to have the entire form on the website we create? It would make the signup process much easier - we find that some users never complete the signup process because of the extra steps.

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Feature Request - Sign Up Form

Yes, I really need this too.

New Member

Feature Request - Sign Up Form

I'm looking for something similar. There's no options for someone to enter their first name. How can you personalize an email without a persons name? I would prefer simply to have a person enter their first name and email address, then be directed to a confirmation page that they've been added with a link back to the my website. Use the Auto-Responder to set-up confirmations or welcome letters.


Feature Request - Sign Up Form

I am looking to answer the same sort of request. I have a few restaurant clients that want to gather more than just the email address: they want birthdays, anniversaries, mailing addresses, etc. I am having my programmer check into it. The API Constant Contact uses has a lot of options. I'll try to get back here to update this if I find a solution that works and/or is applicable.


Feature Request - Sign Up Form

I double checked with our programmers, we can setup a complex signup form embedded in the page on your website. Let me know if you have any questions: (SHIFTERTV owner & Constant Contact Business Partner)

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inserting multiple images into one 'signature image' field



Does anyone know how to insert two images into one 'signature image' field? I want to be able to insert a facebook and twitter icon jpeg side by side in once article.


I appreciate any feedback.



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Honored Contributor

Re: inserting multiple images into one 'signature image' field



What you can do is edit your block and on the left,  use the Social Media links to add the icons to your email. An image will go wherever your cursor is placed. When you add the first icon, immediately add the second as the cursor will be directly after the first icon. This should allow the icons to be placed side by side.





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Email SIgnup Coding

Hi there,


We run our company newsletter through Constant Contact and the company that does our website design has requested from us the "email signup code" that they can embed onto the website which will enable interested people to simply add their email address and it will automatically subscribe them to our newsletter.


Would it please be possible for you to advise us as to where we can find this "coding" that we can then send onto our website designers?



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Re: Email SIgnup Coding

HI Candice,

Thanks for posting in the Community! From your account you have a couple of options for signup tools. Unfortunately, using the Constant Contact sign up form you can only get a link, but if that will work here's how to get the link within your account.


If you want to embed a sign up form using the HTML code, we have partnered with Formstack to allow you to create up to 3 forms for free. This allows you to customize a form and have the contacts saved in  your Constant Contact account. Here's how to set this up. 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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