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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?

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Is possible for Email with an Excel Attachment?

No, attachments of any kind are not allowed in Constant Contact. Of course you can to link to a resource that you post elsewhere.
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Is possible for Email with an Excel Attachment?

OK..that's what I suspected. thanks for the help though!
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add attachments to email

I have word & PDF documents to attach
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add attachments to email

Hi Sally. Emails sent by Constant Contact cannot contain attachments. It is best to host the files online (your website, file hosting service etc) and link to them. You can upload PDF files to your account (Library tab) and easily create links to them when creating your email. - Steve
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Attachments to emails

Is there a way to include an attachment to one of our eNews mailouts?   I would like to include a registration form as an attachment for our people to print/mail.   Never have tried this, and could not find an obvious way to do this.  Any help?
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Attachments to emails

CC does not allow attachments. You can, however, link to the file and your readers can download or print it.

is there any way to add an attachment to my email?

I want to attach a document with my email.
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is there any way to add an attachment to my email?

Constant Contact does not support attachments, however you can put a link to any document. Constant Contact does host pdf documents, or you can host your own of any kind.
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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?

Updated: October 2017



Files, such as PDF's, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, can't be added as attachments to your campaign email, but they can be hosted online and then linked. This allows your contacts, who may not have compatible software, to read it and also keeps a large file size from making your email undeliverable.

You have a few options for hosting your files online:

  • Constant Contact - Upload any document with a compatible file type and size to the Library.
  • Your Own Website - Upload your file to the web and host it on your own website, or ask your Webmaster to do it for you.
  • Third Party Service - Upload your file to the Internet with a third party file hosting service, such as Digioh or Google Drive.

Once your document is hosted you can copy the URL and then insert it into your Email campaign, Survey Invitation or Event-related email.

For our 2GE users:

Place your cursor over the block where you want to add the document and click Edit this block.

Place your cursor where you want the link to appear in the block or highlight the text you want to turn into the document link and click Insert.

Note: If your document is already hosted on the web, click the Insert Link button in the editor to add the document's URL.

Place your cursor over the Document Link icon and click the Plus button.

If your document:

  • Is already in the Library - Select the document from the list. You can download the document to preview it by clicking on the document name.
  • Needs to be uploaded - Click the Upload a New Document button to drag and drop your document into your Library. Then click Upload Files and Done.  

Click Insert.  Click Save to continue editing your email.

For 2GE users check out this FAQ for more information, for 3GE users see this article.  

Marissa W.
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Re: How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?



Is it possible to add a v-card attachment to an email blast? or have it included as a link?