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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?


Re: How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?


Unfortunately, there is not a way to attach any file directly to the email. The workaround we suggest is putting a link to a PDF in the email so it would pull from your Constant Contact library. 


The only way I can think of to include a vcard file would be to have it hosted elsewhere online. Do you have a website you could host this on? In this case, you could provide a link in your email to this page of the site. 


Hope this helps,


Hannah M.
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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?

You cannot have attachements to emails in Constant Contact. Instead you can link to the file that you will have to host on your website or elsewhere. As Marissa said, you can host the file at Constant Contact if it is a PDF or a picture.
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html link button to send email with attachement

I would like to be able to create a button at the bottom of my email that will allow my customers to send an email to their customers with an image attached (a client-safe version of our ad). I have tried to find an html code for this but have yet to find something.

Does anyone know how to do this or if it is even possible?

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html link button to send email with attachement

Its not possible.

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html link button to send email with attachement

Hi Michelle, We don't have the ability to add attachments, but if you have Archive, you can always put the link to your archived emails in your email you send to your contacts. Then they can use that link to forward on to their customers. I hope that helps! Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative

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Attaching a unique document to each email

I want to set up a way to have a standard email that I can come in attach a PDF and add a customer email and send them their quote.
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Attaching a unique document to each email

Hi Cary, The best way to do this is to use our Custom Fields. You would want to host each PDF on a free PDF hosting site like google documents or Then you can use the URL in the Custom Fields section. Custom Fields only support 50 characters, so if the URL is longer then that, you will want to use a site like to shorten the URL. Here is an FAQ on how to set that up. Just copy and paste this URL into your browser. This will take you to FAQ 2069: Add Your Contacts' Details to an Email. I hope that helps, Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative

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Can a powerpoint presentation be sent through constant contact?

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Re: Powerpoint

You can't build Power Point presentations in to Constant Contact, I believe you could send it as an attachment however. Their are two other options: 1) put an image of the cover linking to your powerpoint presentation on a website, or 2) use one of Constant Contact's affiliates/partners GoldMail. You would have to recreate your presentation within the GoldMail system, but this would allow it to be played within your email campaign. I have used GoldMail several times, it allows a slide show presentation along with voice overs. Great system! You can try it free.



Debi Katsmar
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Re: Powerpoint

You can also convert your PowerPoint into video and post it in your email, either through the "Video Link"or through YouTube account.

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