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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?

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I haven't been able to figure out how to attach a file, when sending out a constant contact email, please help

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Re: attachments

Hi Jeff,


Due to viruses, you cannot send out a Constant Contact email with an attachment.


If you have a PDF, you can upload it to Constant Contact and then link to it in your email by using MyLibrary. For assistance with this, please check out this FAQ.


For other documents, you can use a file hosting site such as Mediafire.


I hope this helps,


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Re: attachments

I would like to make it easy for my readers to get a PDF copy of my emails.  Currently I have to send them a second email from Outlook with the PDF attached... a real waste of time and eliminates a key benefit of Constant Contact.  Seems like it would be easy to create a feature so recipients of the emails could easily click on "save to PDF" or "download a PDF of this email".  


I've looked for something like this in Constant Contact but cant find it.  Am I missing it somewhere? 


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Re: attachments

Hello Kelly,


Unfortunately there is no direct way to do this in our system, however there is a work around.


Step 1:

Print your email to a PDF using a program such as, here is the FAQ explaining the process and where you can download this program.


Convert to a PDF


Step 2:

Upload the email you just printed to a PDF as a document link inside of your email. Doing this will allow your contacts to open the email up as a PDF and download the PDF file.


Upload a PDF

Andrew H.

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Re: attachments

thanks - I will try that 

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Re: How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?



Is it possible to add a v-card attachment to an email blast? or have it included as a link?


Re: How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?


Unfortunately there is not a way to attach any file directly to the email. The workaround we suggest is putting a link to a PDF in the email so it would pull from your Constant Contact library. 


The only way I can think of to include a vcard file would be to have it hosted elsewhere online. Do you have a website you could host this on? In this case, you could provide a link in your email to this page of the site. 


Hope this helps,


Hannah M.
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Attaching spreadsheets or XL files

Is there going to be a method by which we can attach a spreadsheet of XL file to our email messages? This would be a good feature to add.
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Re: Attaching spreadsheets or XL files



Thank you for your post. 


Attachments to emails sent through a bulk emailer like Constant Contact can actually prevent your messages from being delivered.  Therefore, we do not allow them in any email yo usend through Constant Contact. 


Instead, you can upload the file (Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, or PDF document) to your MyLibrary or MyLibraryPlus and then use the "Insert Document Link" feature to build a link to it within your email.  This way, when your contacts click on the link, it will open the actual file for them.


Visit to learn how to utilize the "Insert Document Link" feature.

If you have any additional questions, or if you just need some help, please feel free to respond to this message with the details, or call our Support Team directly at (866) 289-2101. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm ET, Friday 7am-9pm ET,  Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm ET.


Troy S.
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wanting to attach a pdf that is too large

Is there a way to zip the pdf...a slide presentation?
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