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How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...

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Hi Claire.


I'm sorry that you are having difficulty uploading documents and inserting them into your library. Are you trying to insert a PDF as an image file? Unfortunately this cannot be done as our system reads PDF files as documents which can only be inserted as a clickable link. The PDF file would need to be made into an image. If you don't know how to do this, I would be happy to give you those steps. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your question. Thank you! 

Melissa M
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I cannot get pdf images to go into the image block.
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Re: pdf



I apologize that you are running into this issue. From what it sounds like, you are looking to insert an pdf into an image block, via the image itself. Not to worry, but our system works a little bit differently. When it comes to PDF's we link to them, we dont insert them as images as our system reads PDF files as documents rather than images themselves.


What I would like for you to try is to enter some text into that image block. Highlight the text and then on the left hand collumn I'd like you to look under "Insert" and the fourth or fifth option down will read "document link." Now since you've already highlighted the text you want to link, all you will need to do is choose the pdf and select insert. This will insert a live link to that pdf in your image block!


I hope you found this helpful! If I am incorrect in my thought, please don't hesitate to reach back out and I will gladly troubleshoot further.



Ian W

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I cannot see my files

I have uploaded 5 pdf files but cannot see them when I want to add them to a poster. Help!!!
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Re: I cannot see my files

Hi Mark,

I see that you have uploaded a PDF file called "Data Centre - poster" three times, is this the one you are looking for? If so, I see it in your Library several times. You would need to either view it in the Library(by clicking the Library tab) or by inserting it into your email since it's a document. Were you looking to include it in your email as an image instead? 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Cannot take uploaded images to campaign

I just uploaded the same file five times and I cannot see it nor import it to my campaign. Why?
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Re: Cannot take uploaded images to campaign

Hello @KevinD712 , 


It looks like you called into Support for help on another issue (social media links).  I am not sure if you received help on this, so just in case I took a look in your account and noticed that there are some PDF files that have been uploaded.  If your image is saved in a PDF file, it would need to be converted to an image file type (jpg, png or gif) to be uploaded.  Within Constant Contact images can be inserted into emails and PDF can only be linked to, so this is why you are not seeing it to add to your campaign.  If you do not have the image saved in one of the image file types you can search for a PDF to JPG converter online.  If you need some assistance with this you can send the file to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, the file attached and your username.  



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Problems inserting pictures

I have uploaded images but when I go to insert it tells me there are none. When I try to upload more images it tells me I am out of space. Help!
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Re: Problems inserting pictures

Hello @LyneM 


Sorry to hear you're having trouble inserting your images. When you upload these new images, what file format are they in? Images will only insert into the email editor if they are a JPG, PNG or GIF file format. If you happen to have your images saved as a PDF or Word file, you will only be able to use the Document Link feature for these files. 


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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