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How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...

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I have a flyer that I want to send it as a email blast.  It is in Jpeg, how can I use it?

Please help!  

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Re: Download

Hi Margarita,


While this isn't a best practice to only use an image for your email, I'd be happy to show you how you can do so.


I would use our My Image template and then you can upload your image to your Library with us. Then insert it into your email.  I would recommend adding some text to the template as well. Many spammers only send out an image as their email and this can cause your email to be filtered into the spam/junk inbox instead of the main inbox.


I hope this helps!


Email a constant contact from someone else through my constant contact

my boss recently asked me to send out a flyer she got in her email to everyone in our constant contact. is this even possible? if so, please explain. Thanks!

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Re: Email a constant contact from someone else through my constant contact



Thank you for your question.


It is possible to take a flyer you received and send it to your contacts through Constant Contact.  It will require three things from you to do so.


1)  Be absolutely certain that you have permission from the person/company that sent the original email to copy their intelectual property.  If you don't secure permission, then there could be legal repercussions of some sort.  This is VERY important. 


2)  If the flyer is an image, like a poster or something along those lines, you can simply take a screen shot of the email and crop out the part you wish to send.  Then, upload the image and insert that image into your email.  Click here to learn more.


3)  Add some text to this email campaign so you will avoid sending a "single image email" which likely will get caught up in some spam filters and rejected as unwanted email.  Email Providers have lots of criteria they use to filter out unwanted email from an inbox.  Having a low "text to image" ratio is one of these criteria causing the rejection.  Click here for more information.


I hope this helps!  If you have any additional questions, or if you just need some help, please feel free to respond to this email with the details, or call our Support Team directly at (866) 289-2101. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm ET, Friday 7am-9pm ET,  Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm ET.


Thank you for your time.




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PDF Links in Welcome Email

I uploaded a PDF to my library and want to link it to my Welcome email.


In the past I was able to obtain a Constant Contact PDF link to insert in the email. I can't seem to do this now. Instead, I linked to the URL for my PDF. The problem is that the Constant Contact PDF link would open the PDF when clicked. My own URL downloads the file and the client has to go into their files to open it up.


Where do I find the Constant Contact PDF link?

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Re: PDF Links in Welcome Email

Hi Gloya!


Here is a video that I created with instructions on how to find the URL for your PDF that you can insert into your Welcome Email:


Excuse the fact that it's my Wedding Thank You Card! It's all I really had as a PDF.


Any questions, let me know!

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Re: PDF Links in Welcome Email

Thanks! That worked.

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Re: PDF Links in Welcome Email

Hi Gloya!


I'm so glad that that worked for you!


Happy to help!

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Blank Templates

I'd like to send my own flyer & reports that are ready to send to contacts. How do I do that?

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Re: Blank Templates

Hi Sara,


There are several ways you can include the flier you've prepared in your email. You can send out your flier as an image in one of our templates if you have it saved as a jpeg, png, or gif. You can also include a link to it if you have it saved as a pdf. If you have the HTML coding for the flier and are comfortable working with code, you can plug that into our advanced editor and send it out as is.

Alex Morse
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