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How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...


Re: Uploading an Image

HI @patriciaz00

Thanks for posting, I think I know what is happening!


A PDF file is actually a document file, not an image. It sounds like you have an image in the PDF you want to use or you want to use the PDF as the image. For reference, an image file ends in jpeg, png or gif. Since you've uploaded the document it will be in your Library but can only be inserted into your email as a link.  I would suggest clicking the Library tab of your account and finding this file.


If you want to insert a link to the document you can by using the "Insert Document link" option. If you want it to show in the email we will need to convert the file to an image or recreate the PDF as the email.


Hannah M.
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Re: How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...

While you cannot insert the PDF file directly into your email, your Constant Contact Library allows you to upload PDF documents that you can link to from within your emails.  You also have the option to use the PDF as an image in your email.  There are two ways to add a PDF as an image.  You can Create an Email from a PDF Using the Third-Generation Editor (Read this FAQ to learn how) and you can Create an Image From a PDF While Uploading to the Library (read this FAQ to learn how).


When you create an Email from a PDF Using the Third-Generation Editor:


  •         An image of the PDF is added to the template. The image of your PDF can be treated just like any other image and can be resized or turned into a clickable image.
  •         A button linking to your PDF is included so your contacts can easily download it.
  •         The template is automatically branded with the main color used in your PDF.


Once the template is created, you have full control to add more text content and further customize your branding. Here is an idea of what this process looks like:


















CTCT Employee

Re: How do I add pdf to email


You can upload a PDF to Constant Contact and add link to it in your email.  There are different steps depending on what editor you are using.   


For 2GE users:

Click on the block you want to add the link to.  Highlight the text you want to be the link to your document.  Once that is done go to the left and you will see ‘Document Link”42.1.png



If your document:

  • Is already in in the Library - Select the document from the list. You can download the document to preview it by clicking on the document name.
  • Needs to be uploaded - Click the Upload a New Document button to drag and drop your document into your Library. Then click Upload Files and Done.  

Then click Insert, click Save and then continue editing the rest of your email, here is the FAQ for this process.

For 3GE users:


Highlight the text you want to link your document to and click Link. Select Document from the Type of link drop-down menu. 42.3.png


Edit the text you want to display as the link. Select a document from your Library. If you haven't uploaded your document yet, just click Upload a New Document to add it to your Library.

Click Insert, click Done and continue editing your email, here is the FAQ for this process.

I hope that helps!



All Star

Re: How do I add pdf to email

I'm able to upload my pdf just fine but when I open it, it looks a bit different from my original PDF. The effects are not showing. For instance, the background fades navy blue to a lighter blue in the middle and only showing one solid color when it's uploaded. Also, the color of the pdf and the text is way lighter than my original document. Any suggestions? 

CTCT Employee

Re: How do I add pdf to email

Hello @LBishop,


We're currently tracking a few reports of something similar, and trying to find out exactly what might be causing it.  For now, you can still create an image of your document the old fashioned way, with a screenshot.  To help us find the root cause though, if you could send us the original copy of the pdf you're using, we can pass that on to the engineering team for them to look at when they're tracking down the problem.  Just send that as an attachment to socialsupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, and we'll get that attached to the ongoing investigation for you.

Aaron H
Community & Social Media Support

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