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How do I delete files from my library? So that I can upload other images?

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How do I delete files from my library? So that I can upload other images?

I want to delete images I have uploaded to my library so that I can upload new images. I can't seem to accomplish this.
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Delete uploaded images

How do I delete uploaded images in my library?
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Delete Documents

How do I delete a document from my library?

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Re: Delete uploaded images

Hi there, 



Please locate the trash icon to the right of your images and hit that and that should delete your photo. 

Also, you can put a checkmark to the left of the image or document you want to delete, and look up at the top of the list of docs and images and select 'Delete'. That method is for deleting in bulk if you need to do that. 


Further instructions on how to do that can be found here




Hope that helps! 


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Its not letting me delete images to create space
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Re: images



Thank you for posting in our Community.  It looks like your account used to have My Library Pus and you currently have over 200 images within your library.  There are 2 options availalbe to you.  You can add back My Library Plus to have 250 MB of storage and be able to add more images, or delete out the images 5 at a time until you are at 4 or less images left in the account.    To delete the images you can go to the Library tab in the account to select more than one to delete.  


Les us know if you have any questions

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Hard to delete and upload images

Program deletes the wrong images then won't upload any.

Re: Hard to delete and upload images

Thanks for posting. Can you tell me more about how you are deleting files? Are you within the image insert window or on the Library tab directly? We haven't heard that the wrong images are being deleted before since you need to check them off or click right on them to delete so I'm interested in testing this out.


When you try to upload are you seeing any error messages? What type of image files are you working with?


Thanks for your help,

Hannah M.
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Re: How do I delete files from my library? So that I can upload other images?

Hello @RobertW758 , 


There are a couple of ways that you can delete files from your Library.  Here they are:  

  • From the Library tab in the gray navigation bar.  You can then select the image(s) you wish to delete by checking them off and then clicking the Delete button.  
  • When editing an email.  Depending on the view you are using is how you can delete.  If you clicked Insert Image, you will see the Insert Image window. When viewing the image, there is a delete button.  If you are on the Images tab on the left, by hovering over an image you can click the "X" to delete.  See the below screenshot:



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How do I delete images I know longer need?

I have used up my 5 free image files. How do I delete images I no longer need so that I can insert new images?
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