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Mobile-friendly Constant Contact survey

Mobile-friendly Constant Contact survey

My organization wants to use Constant Contact's customizable survey template for getting our subscribers to update their contact information -- BUT we want the survey instrument to be mobile optimized or at least mobile-friendly.  There's a straightforward way to do that with CC's email templates, but I don't see a similar function with the survey.  Am I missing something?  Is there a way to make the survey mobile-optimized/friendly?  Help please!  Thanks in advance.

Marketing Advisor

Re: Mobile-friendly Constant Contact survey

Hi @faithandpolitics,


Thanks for asking such a great question! Our engineers have done lots of great things to help make sure most of our information sent out is able to be viewed on mobile devices. The two different tests that I have done with a survey to my phone has let me see the entire survey. It also gave me the ability to expand the view of the screen to select or type in responses.  


This is also true with the ‘Test-Contact info Update’ survey you have in your account.  Are you not getting the same response as me? I am able to see the entire survey on my phone and it also allows for me to expand the information that allowed for me to put in my updated contact information if I needed to.


Please share if you are not having that same ability when sending your survey to your phone. Are you not able to expand your screen to enter in your information?  If  not, let us know the type of phone you are using and the web email client you are using to send your survey to and the types of problems you are experiencing.


Did you know you can also utilize the sign-up form link under the “Contacts Growth Tools’ to help update your contacts information? Use ‘#3 Form URL’ to share your sign up form. You can use it to link some words allow your contacts to update their profiles easily. This would also put their information directly into your account saving you some step on importing the captured information. Please let us know if you need any help with this.


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