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Opens and Clicks

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Opens and Clicks

I am rather new to Constant Contact.


I have read that the reporting of 'opens' is not always accurate.  If fact, I was told by one of my contacts that they received my newsletter.  When I checked, she was listed among the "Did Not Open"  My question is this:  If a contact uses a preview pane in their email client they don't need to open the email to read it, is that one of the ways that the 'opens' are not always correctly recorded?



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"Did not open"

Hi Everyone,


When reviewing campaign performace; e.g. "opened" vs "bounced" vs. "not opened," does number 3 mean that the receipient simply trashed it without opening it, the email landed in a spam folder, or the reiceipient has merely left the item in their inbox unattended?


Or any one of the above?





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Re: "Did not open"

DNO means that CT had no way to positively confirm it was opened. Its not the same as a bounce or SPAM report which each have their own reporting points.


A small image is included in each email, when that image is viewed the program considers it opened ( not necessarily read ).


Common practice is to wait a few days, copy the original email, rename the subject field and send it to the DNO list.

I consider this a dynamic A/B test of the subject line.  he-he


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Those that did not open

I need to see a list, alphabetically, of those that did not open the newsletter.  Not just those that were sent.  Now I have to compare the list of opens to the list of those sent and I don't have time or staff to do that.

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Re: Those that did not open

Hello @MichaelD6550 , 


If you look at the individual reports for a campaign you will be able to view a list of the did not opens.  Please keep in mind that there are some opens that cannot be tracked.  Here is how you can get the report: 


  1. From the Home or Campaigns tab, click on the name of the Campaign to view the individual report. (You can also choose Actions > Reports).  
  2. Across the top of the page click the Opens under Email Stats
    12-15-2014 10-19-49 AM.png
  3. Down the left hand side of the page click to view the Did Not Opens
    12-15-2014 10-18-02 AM.png


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Opens and Clicks

I have read that sometimes "Opens" are not recorded.  


When a contact uses an email client with the 'preview' feature, and the read the email in the preview window, does this result in an unreported open?  Or, does the preview window count as an open?


Likewise, if a contact clicks in the preview window is the click recorded in "Clicks"?



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Re: Opens and Clicks

Hi @TomB077 


Thanks for asking your question about what doesn't count as an open.


When we send out an email form our system, it includes a tiny invisible image. When images are downloaded in the email client (full screen or preview pane), this counts as an open. Another way that counts as an open is if your contact clicks on a link.


I hope that helps!

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Re: Opens and Clicks

Thanks Marissa.


I have a contact that tells me she is getting my newsletter, however, her name does not appear on the "Opens" or "Clicks" report.  Any idea why not?





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Re: Opens and Clicks

Hey Tom,


Did she tell you what email address she is receiving the email at?  If she has forwarding on her email address that is within your account to a different email address, that would not register.


Please email me her email address within your account and let me know if that is the email address where she is checking her email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com.  I'd be happy to look into this for you!


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Opens and Clicks

I'll bet you nailed it Marissa.


She works for our local city government and I send to her .gov email address.


I don't want to continue to ask her about it, so I am going to drop the subject with her.  She says she's getting it, so that's good enough for me.


I am, however, curious how many of my contacts on the "Did Not Open" list fall into the same category. 


I suppose, if they (people like her who forward) click a link in the newsletter, it might not register as a click because of the forwarding.  Is that correct?


Thanks for the education.