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Optin form for website

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Re: Optin form for website

Formstack is a PAID service when you need many forms (I need 15!) and won't really let you a highly customizable form unless digging in the code, which marketers just want to market their stuff, not having to code. The form generator is a very complex tool for non-coders


We all are PAYING ConstantContacts for a service, it should be done all the way, from start to finish and having to code shouldn't be left on the customer's side, nor should he be forced to pay more than what the service is already paid for in order to have a simple tool working.


You should develop an online API triggering tool we could easily configure with options (CSS, no-CSS, etc.) or at least offer YOUR OFFICIAL versions of extremely useful CMS' plugins, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. I swear you'd be WAY ahead of the pack for offering tools everyone is expecting when paying such an amount monthly.

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Re: Optin form for website

Thank you for your feedback.  Would you be interested in hearing from one of our Solution Providers who can assist you with the services/tools that you're looking for?  I'd be happy to have someone contact you.

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Re: Optin form for website

If the said third party can come with a FREE and DURABLE solution, sure, but I doubt one would, checking the listing of said third parties, nothing is up to date or even maintained concerning WordPress and the likes.

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Re: Optin form for website

I will pass your feedback regarding our Marketplace over to the team that manages it.  Thanks for letting us know that it was not up to date.

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Re: Optin form for website

I have this very issue to deal with right now.


My webteam WILL NOT insert the opt-in code into our website. Period. End of discussion.  It is a huge website with many parts and partners.


What other options can you offer me, so I can get a number of people, who have unsubscribed (not realizing the dire consequences of doing so, that they would NEVER receive another email from us, again, EVER) to be able to opt back in themselves. (I know I have no way of adding them back in, by design of CC, of course and web protocols).


I hear this all the time from our members that they want to opt back in -- and it is a serious issue for us.


What can you offer me to fix this?


Re: Optin form for website

Hi Mary,

Since adding a link to your website is not an option you could forward the users the link outside of Constant Contact. Just create a simple email in your regular email client and add the 'Join My Mailing List' link from within your account.


Another option would be to share the link on your social media sites and request that they re-subscribe there. Lastly, if these people still have the older email they can click the update profile link at the very bottom to sign back up!


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Optin form for website

Am trying the text optin right now. Thanks for the other ideas. We'll see how this goes first. 

New Member

Re: Optin form for website

thanks for the feedback CC community.  I am reviewing email marketing programs to push my clients onto and have the information from your own clients telling me how crap your webform subscribe process is.    thanks for the quick trial but no thanks.  maybe if you get up to speed with all other email marketing programs will i considder using you.


let me know when you fix your **bleep** and ill be back.



Occasional Visitor

Re: Optin form for website

I looked at CC a few years ago and ran screaming when I saw the API for opt-ins.  This should be such a simple thing. Mail Chip makes it a snap as do other 3rd party products I've used.   Still barely a user friendly platflorm for non-coders..



CTCT Employee

Re: Optin form for website



Here is a link that will give you more info on our API's and how they work.
Also, the links below will show you some of the signup form options that you can use on your website, Facebook and cell phones. 


Website -

Facebook -

Text-To-Join -

Scan to Join -


Have a great day!

Thank you,
Marty K
Social Media Support
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