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Personalize Your Email with a Greeting!

Honored Contributor

Personalize Your Email with a Greeting!

UPDATED: August 2018


Please click here for directions on how to add a personalized greeting in 3GE.




One of my favorite things about receiving emails from the lists that I've joined is when I open it and it says "Dear Marissa". Even though I may not know the person who runs the business or the one who is creating the email, by seeing that my email is personalized makes me feel a sense of belonging. And who doesn't like that? Ok, there may be some people who don't, but I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of people enjoy seeing that their email is personalized! Why else would your contact fill in their first name on your signup form? They want you to know them! So, let's take that information and insert it into your email to give your contacts what they want!


  • Either start a new email or open up your draft for editing
  • Once inside, click on the first block where you want to insert the Dear Contact First Name data
  • Once you’re in edit mode, look on the left under the Insert Options
  • You will see Greeting as an option

    Insert Greeting.png

  • Hover over Greeting and click the + to get the overlay

    Edit Greeting.png

    • Fill out the empty boxes to say what you want, for example it could say: Dear First Name, (put the comma in the last box).
    • You can change the drop down for First Name to say either First Name, Last Name, or First & Last Name. In this case it could say “Dear Mrs Last Name,”
    • The secondary greeting will be shown if you do not have the First or Last Name data filled in for a contact so you never have to worry about the email saying “Dear First Name,” to a contact.
    • When you’ve chosen your ideal Greeting, click the gold Insert button to return to your block.
    • Click Save


Please note: If you look in Preview or send yourself a test, it will not display a contact’s information, but instead it will pull the information from your contact info for yourself or your business in your Constant Contact account.


And that is how easy it is to personalize your emails that go out to your contacts! Now log into your account to get this setup so all your contacts feel that super personal touch!


Any questions, let us know!