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Redirecting to my Thank You page with standard embedded Sign-Up form?

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Hi @CjP97 and @GaryH090 


Thank you both for reaching out to the Community with this feedback! The good news is our new landing pages do offer the ability to both edit the thank you page and add a re-direct link to it as well. When creating a new landing page, click on the content section on left-hand side and scroll down to the Thank You Page header. This is where you can see the place to edit it's description and the "Display Download/ Redirect Link" toggle to paste your desired link.




Doing this allows you to customize your Thank You page. I hope this helps!

Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

I would also like to be able to edit this Thank You response. Has there been any progress made on that feature?

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Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

Hi @LanaiCatSanctuary,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. I can definitely understand why you would want to customize the Thank You page of the sign-up forms as you could include among other things, a more personal message to the newly signed-up recipients. At this time, we still do not have the ability to customize this page, but I have tracked the request to notify our developers about the possibility of this feature. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I also want to mention that we have our Welcome Email campaigns that can be sent out to newly added recipients automatically upon singing up for your lists. Although this won't replace the Thank You page, you are able to create and customize a more personal email that will send out to your new contacts. For more information on this, please click here.  Please, let us know if you need assistance with anything else.  

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Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

Any progress on this?  Seems like it would be a basic feature and a well received one as well. The "One-size-fits-all" type of message does not fit all in this particular case.



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Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

Hi @RussK35, Thanks for joining us in the Community! I can certainly understand why you would like to edit the thank you page after a contact joins your list. At this time, this page is not editable within our product and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our product teams are collecting feedback and I would like to ask what type of information you would like to see on this page or what areas of the page you would like to have access to edit. You are welcome to visit our Marketplace by clicking here, which has many different integrations available for our customers, including sign-up forms which may have the editing abilities you are looking for.

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Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

So it has been over a year, when will this be put into effect?

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Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

I can't believe what I'm reading here. I just came across this thread - is there STILL no way to customize the thank you page after a ticket has been opened for a year?!?! Seriously...there is no way a canned response is appropriate for everyone's needs. I have an automated series of emails for venue pricing. A user is not subscribing to a list, how unprofessional!!! So, we have the Wordpress Plugin that allows a redirect to a URL and while it works fine, the forms look horrible. Then we have the CC solution, with a beautiful form and a crappy canned response. Really? I'm a new user and can't believe basic things like this have not been addressed...


Re: Thank you on Sign Up Forms

I can't believe there isn't a simple option to redirect new subscribers to a custom page (thank you page, tripwire or else) after signing up. I don't see why it seems to be so complicated for you to add this simple feature.

I just started using Constant Contact but unfortunately, I will stop using it because not having this custom page makes me lose a lot of money. I'm going back to ConvertKit, at least they have this kind of basic features.