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Share an article

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Share an article

I would like to add Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share buttons to my articles but cannot find where this option is, please advise. Thank you!
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Re: Share an article

Hello @DawnS328 , 


You can add the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons to your email and/or add the Social Share bar to your email. Here's how to do both: 


  • ss2.pngTo add the icons click to edit the block you would like the icons to appear in (Check the image to the right to see what it will look like).  To the left of the email click on the tab for Social, you can then click to add each different social icon that you would like to. For each icon you are given different options for size of the icon and adding a link to your profile/page.  I would recommend to keep this consistent by using the same size icon for all of the social sites you are adding in. 

  • To add the Social Share bar, you can click to edit the Header Options block of the email (This is where you see your Subject line when editing the email).  In the Header Options window that pops up you can check off the Social Share bar.  Then click OK, and make sure to save your changes.

For more information on sharing options, check out this post

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Have emails shared on social

I see where subscribers can follow us, but is there a 'share' option. We do not currently have social media accounts set up that we are authorized to use. But we would like our newsletter content to be shared. I see those options only available int he header. Is there a way to put it in the right column, and select more modern looking icons for it?

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Re: Have emails shared on social

Hi @MattH3592


Good question- at this time the icons you see are the only options available for allowing your contacts to share your campaign to social media. Also those options are only available in the header, they can't be moved to a different part of the campaign. I'm sorry that it isn't what you're looking for, but if I hear anything about any changes I will let you know!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager