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Social Share inconsistencies

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Social Share inconsistencies

Our firm has two different Constant Contact accounts for two different publications. I have noticed some weirdness with Social Share and wondered if anyone could explain it.


In one account, when setting up a Social Share message, a link to the newsletter is included. In the other account, the link is omitted. I am assuming the link is added when posted to social media outlets, but wondered why one was visible and the other is not.


In one account, the newsletter masthead is loaded as an image option. In the other account, we have to upload the logo every single day.


In one account, there are sometimes four separate scheduled posts. In the other account, there are three. Because we publish a daily newsletter, we delete all the other blocks anyway. Is there a way to have just one box to schedule. We don't want to forget to the delete the extra boxes and wind up making multiple posts and confusing readers as to which is the most current newsletter.


Can we control the image library?  The images automatically populated are downright silly and have nothing to do with the theme or content of the newsletters. Because we want to brand our publications, we will always use the logo or masthead.


Finally, can the subject line be standardized?  We will alway use our tagline and never "Check this out," or "Have you seen this?" which are the standard messages automatically populated in the box.


Thanks for any help!


Re: Social Share inconsistencies

Hi @LetsRV


Thanks for posting!


For the privacy of your information could you please send an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com including your two usernames and a reference to this post? I've found the account associated with your community username of "LetsRV" but I'd like to review the other account as well to make sure we're giving you the correct information. Social Share is our newer version of the tool that allows you to post your campaigns to social media, and I'm wondering if you may have Simple Share (the older version) in your other account which would account for some discrepancies. 


And to answer what I can of your questions- the subject line and image options cannot be standardized. Social Share will pull an assortment of images from your library to include as suggestions for your post. One account could be pulling the logo and masthead while the other does not. I'd be happy to pass along your feedback in regards to setting a default subject line and about the images as well. 


You can set Social Share to only suggest one post per campaign. Once you've scheduled or sent a campaign please click on "Social Promotions" or "Manage Posts." From that page please select "Options" and then click on "Default Schedule." You'll then be able to select 1 post as opposed to 3 or 4. default schedule.png


Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager