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What happened to the basic reporting functions?

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Re: What happened to the basic reporting functions?

great answer...... I know so many people who are moving because ff this latest update/downgrade. WHAT were you guys thinking?

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Re: What happened to the basic reporting functions?

you never answered any of the questions, just a stock cut and paste "reply". WHY were so many useful functions removed in the new system?

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Re: What happened to the basic reporting functions?

That was not an answer Anna_D, it was a canned response. The questions were WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE REPORTING FUNCTIONS in this awfule rollout?

@Anna_D wrote:

Hello @RVDR and @Clique_Marketing


I want to thank everyone in this feed for all your great feedback about the reporting in the updated experience. I have compiled all of your suggestion and sent an email to our engineers with your concerns. We make updates often and are always interested in hearing how each of our customers use the product in their own environment.


We have a feedback section for the new Reporting tab. Please feel free to provide any addtional feedback there as well. You can also up vote any other ideas you would like to see!


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Re: What happened to the basic reporting functions?

It is obvious the "developers" who get all the feedback from users, but rarely implement any of it, never have to take campaign results to a boss or client to justify having a job or continuing a contract.


In their little millennial minds, 50 days is an eternity of data -- it's like, seven weekend parties, man.


If the boss wants quarterly results or, God forbid, annual results to see if open rates are tracking up or down, you'll invest two full days doing nothing more than opening old campaigns, and manually entering the number sent, number opened, number of clicks into a spreadsheet.


Then, wait until he wants to know which email list had the best open rates and click throughs so more money can be spent targeting that group. Guess what? He's SOL because it's not possible with Constant Consternation's reporting functions.


Under the "new experience" email addresses that bounce back as "undeliverable" are immediately suspended. No further emails go out to those addresses -- yet, you're still billed for the contacts.


However, in the past, we would delete "undeliverable" email addresses and be bombarded with inquiries as to why people suddenly stopped getting their newsletters.  I guess, in some instances, an out-of-office bounce equates to an invalid email address.


In order to tell our advertisers how many people click on their banners, we have to open every single email and then search for the link to see the number of clicks that were registered.  More needless, time consuming claptrap from America's favorite email service.


Years ago I proposed developing a Premium level plan where companies like ours can pay for better reporting.  Of course, "the developers" have been mulling that over for six years now.

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Re: New update

How do you get the reports (numbers opened) to update? There is no button I can find to do this since you've updated. And this is not always happening automatically.
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Re: New update

Looks like Customer Support is shut down for the weekend.


Interesting question.


Not sure how often that data is refreshed.

You can add yourself to the campaign you sent, and resend it to yourself.

Then click on a link and refresh the report and continue to do that until you can figure out the frequency.




I doubt you'll get an answer on this from the forum mods too quickly.



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Re: New update

Thanks, Hayley, but I know that.  My problem is that Constant Contact is not automatically refreshing the numbers.  I sent out an email in JULY that is still showing one number in the count, but another number if you go to see the actual names.  It used to be that I could refresh the counts myself, but this isn't the case since they updated.

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Re: New update

Hello @FeliceL,


Thank you for posting! I logged into your account and I am not able to replicate a difference in the amount of opens when I'm clicking on the number from the reporting page. What browser are you using? Have you tried accessing Constant Contact from a different browser? Also, what is the name of the email campaign that this issue is occurring on? Once I have this information I can better troubleshoot this issue. 

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Re: New update

Hi @FeliceL,


You can view your reports in a more detailed view by clicking on the "Reporting" tab, and then "Open Rate" next to the email you want to view your reporting on.




Once you are at the more detailed view of the reporting on our email, you are going to see the email addresses of the people who opened your email, as well as the date and time they opened it at. Be sure the "Display" in the dark gray area is set to "All Opens". This should be up to date when you click on this reporting page!


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