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What is the maximum number of words an article should contain?

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What is the maximum number of words an article should contain?


Our company is creating a newsletter with 5-7 article blocks, 1 for each department.  What would be a good maximum number of words for each article so that the newsletter does not get too long?  If the write needs to publish more information, we have 2 websites that we can use.



Tony Green


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Re: What is the maximum number of words an article should contain?

UPDATED: July 2018




Thank you for your question.


While there is not a limit on how long your articles can be in an email you send through us, several Email Providers, including Gmail, will truncate super long emails.  In addition, your subscribers won't wish to read a really long article and may actually unsubscribe from your emails if they feel it is too lengthy.   Because of this, a best practice would be to keep the articles as short as possible.  Use a "read more" action block or redirect them to either a PDF of the article that you've uploaded to your account, or host the rest of the article on your own website and redirect them there.



Typically, the best length for an article would be a 2-4 paragraphs with no more than 5-7 sentences each.  Much more than that and the reader's interest is lost or distracted.  The best thing to do would be to place yourself into the shoes of your readers.  How long would you want to read an article before having the option to "read more" if you choose?  If you adopt this attitude, you will find that your readers appreciate your thoughtfullness in only giving the information they need with an option to gain more if they desire.


I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions, or if you just need some help, please feel free to respond to this message with the details, or contact our Support Team directly.

Troy S.
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Re: What is the maximum number of words an article should contain?



Consider segmenting your lists if possible so that your email will be less lengthy and retain the readers interest.

Don't just think about making them smaller, think about tailoring the content to specific readers if you can.


Tony Schaefer
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