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adding disclaimer to invite

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adding disclaimer to invite

How do you add invites to an event after you have sent it with out resending to the whole list?
Marketing Advisor

Re: adding disclaimer to invite

Hi @JanT87, We are glad you have asked this great question. One of the simplest ways that you can do a single invitation to a contact that is in your contacts list.

  1. Go to the contacts tab and search for the contact(s) you would like to invite to your event.
  2. Check mark the little square to the left of the name(s) and select the contact(s) you want to email then,
  3. select the more actions button and select the quicksend feature
  4. Select the correct email that corresponds to the correct event.




quicksend email.png


I love the quicksend feature and often use it to help send out single or multiple emails to contacts. I hope this helps and you have success with your events.