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what are bounces?
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Re: bounces

Hello @SusanR292


When an email is sent off to its recipients, there are times when we get a message back from the receiving server. This is what constitutes a bounce.  They are typically broken down for you into various categories: 

  • Non-existent: The recipient no longer has that email address and it has been removed.
  • Undeliverable: The internet service provider did not respond.  Check these ones for possible spelling errors after the @ sign. (i.e. or
  • Suspended: The address has consistently bounced as non-existent and is on a hold. 
  • Mailbox Full
  • Blocked: The service provider has blocked the email from Constant Contact.  
  • Vacation/Auto-Reply: You may still get some of these messages sent to your inbox; however since we received a message back from the server, it is listed under "Bounces"
  • Other: We could not decipher the bounce message that we received.  

I hope this information help.  Let us know if you need any further information.