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can i edit an email once it is sent?

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Can i edit a email after it is sent

On the emails page titled "Recent Work" you will find a list of your e-mails you have worked on. The column headings on that page are, "Edit Copy Name Date Status Opens" Click on the "Copy" icon next to the sent e-mail that you wish to copy. Then rename the file and you are ready to edit the new file.
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cannot copy or edit

When I bring up my list of emails both the "edit" and "copy" are missing in the two left hand columns - left of the email name.

I cannot edit.

How can I change this?
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cannot copy or edit

Has the email been sent? You can not edit a sent email.
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Why can't I edit my emails?

Hi! I am trying to edit some emails that I have scheduled but it will not let me click on the pencil icon to edit them. I've been using Constant Contact since 2007 and have never had this issue. Why are the pencil icons greyed out? I even tried it on 2 other computers but still cannot click on the pencil icons. I have several scheduled emails that I need to modify before they get sent out again! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Why can't I edit my emails?

Hi Maureen,

You cannot edit a scheduled email. What you can do is reset the email back to Draft and make your edits. Once finished, schedule the email again.

To reset your email back to Draft status, click the Email Marketing tab. Below, you will see a list of your emails. Click on the name of the email you want to reset. On the Email Details screen, click Reset to Draft Status.

You can now edit your email.

Hope this helps, Jarrad

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Why can't I edit my emails?

I figured it out. If you click on the email name, it takes you to where you can put the email back into draft mode. I don't know if thats how it is supposed to work or not (if so then why have the pencil icon to edit?). But anyway, resetting them to drafts will work. Thanks!
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Why can't I edit my emails?

Thanks Jarrad. Long day, brain is obviously malfunctioning at this point! Appreciate your response back! Have a terrific day! Maureen
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Can I edit an email that has been sent?

I sent a test email campaign to myself and now it seems I cannot edit it? Yes, I have signed onto my account. Should I have archived before sending? Is there any way to retrieve it so I don't have to start from the beginning? Help Please

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Can I edit an email that has been sent?

You can't edit it once its sent. You can make a copy of it and edit that before the next send.

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Re: Can i caputure the send out email from the constant contact?

How can i capture the send out emails from the constant contact. Is there any sample to to do this?