Introducing Segmentation to Constant Contact


Let’s start out by facing a tough reality: most small businesses and non-profits — even the most successful ones — aren’t getting the best results they could be from their email list.


Enter Segmentation


Time is scarce in the small business and non-profit worlds, so we’ve been working on a feature that can help you achieve your goals and do it quickly.


Segmentation is the process of organizing your contacts into different groups with the goal of targeting them with content or offers that are relevant to their needs or interests.



How does segmentation help?


Well, one of the biggest reasons people ignore emails or unsubscribe from email lists is because the content they receive isn’t relevant to them. By ensuring that the right people receive the right message you’re more likely to keep them engaged.


Introducing SegmentationSegmentation.PNG


Segmentation allows you to segment your contact lists right from the Schedule Page. You can choose to send your email across all of your contact lists, or to those who have recently been added to your account, only to people who open your emails, or to people who haven’t opened your email at all. You can specify the period of time for these segments, too.


For more information on using Segmentation look here!


After I have sent the newsletter through Constant Contact, how do I then email to a few new people that I have just met with and perhaps don't want on the permanent list.


In other words, how do I forward it on to someone without having to add them to the list?


Hello @EileenP08,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The best option would be to add the contacts temporarily to a listing in your account and send them the email via Constant Contact. Once you've added those contacts, you can then use the QuickSend option that is offered via our system. After doing so, you can then remove them from the account if you do not wish to keep them. However, if you do not wish to go through this process the only other option would be to live send the email to yourself and forward the message via your email client to whomever you need to send it to. Please let us know if any of these options have assisted you with what you are trying to accomplish.


 How do companies with more than 20k people in their lists do segmentation?

Marketing Advisor

Hi @JenniferM4858


Thank you for reaching out to us! Segments can be created and used for accounts with over 20,000 contacts. It is a great way to drive better engagement with your emails and also obtain higher open rates. This article will show you how to create defined segments within your Constant Contact account. Once you have created the segments in your account and you are ready to send out the campaign email, this article will show you how to select a segment on the scheduling page!


I also found a few blog articles that go over different ways that you could use segmentation for your business.

Are You Getting the Most You Could Be from Your Email List?

All Contacts On Your Email List Are Not the Same (And Why Their Differences Matter)


Let us know if you have any further questions!


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