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6 Creative Ways to Use Photos to Increase Enagement on Your Facebook Page



Facebook users love pictures!  I know that that is the first place I go when I add a new friend. I "stalk" their photos as my friends and I call it.  It's even the first place I go when I visit a brand's page.  Here are 6 ways from John Haydon on how you can increase engagement on your Facebook page through photos!


1. Use Big Photos: John suggests that your images be at least 851 x 403 pixels.

2. Use Reddit: With Reddit, you can search for photos that are related to you and your cause.

3. Inject virality: I've seen quite a few of these images where you can have an arrow pointing to your profile pic.  I normally share these!  Just make sure you insert your organization's name in small print so everyone knows where it came from.

4. Create covers for fans: This I think is really neat! You can create cover photos and then let your fans use them!


To check out the other tips and to read more about the ones above, check out "6 Creative Ways to Use Photos to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page".


How are you creating engagement through photos on your Facebook page?


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