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Re: Can CC Be Used for Membership Sign-Ups?

We are listening and thanks for the feedback. I'll share this with the Event Team and consider the learning curve when suggesting new products from the MarketPlace. Thank you for posting here.

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Re: Can CC Be Used for Membership Sign-Ups?

THANK YOU for providing the pdf link. It's helpful in being able to visualize how such a form may work for my organization.


I couldn't agree more with your recommendations to Constant Contact with regard to helping nonprofits utilize its services effectively.


Perhaps the fees could be tiered so that large nonprofits (Red Cross, United Way, etc. -sized organizations) who may have thousands of members are paying a higher rate than charged to micro-nonprofits. A simple submission of an org's 990 is all to takes to determine how financial 'fat' an organization is.


I also agree that there's a learning curve to using CC's forms. I've had major difficulties with them at times and often it's because they weren't well-thought-out when designed. The last event we held and used the Event Marketing feature, I ran into a problem and received a "we're working on it" type of response from CC's tech support.


Hopefully, someone at Constant Contact IS listening and will take steps to make the service more user-friendly and flexible.



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Re: Can CC Be Used for Membership Sign-Ups?

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Great idea and one we hear a lot @cazoomi "Spin off a "lite" version of your Event Marketing product".  We are also looking at spinning off a lighter version of our to Constant Contact integration too since EventSpot is fully integrated into it.