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How to find out if supporters enjoy the newsletter

Here is a question from a nonprofit in Constant Contact's webinar - Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage... 


For the "are you enjoying this newsletter?" - what's the best way to collect this info? Do you think it's okay to use Google docs for surveys/questions like this?


In the webinar we talked about always having a link in your newsletter that goes to an online survey asking for feedback, such as – what do you like about this newsletter, what do you want more of, do you have a story you would like to share, etc.  You could use Google’s feedback form to get overall feedback from your supporters. Constant Contact has a survey tool you could use as well, which will allow you to get more specifically what each of your supporters think. If you are using us for email marketing, I recommend also using our survey tool because of the integration between the two tools. It’s going to make it really easy for you to learn about a certain segment of supporters, follow up with them and really integrate your marketing.


Is that a part of the Survey upgrade? Is the survey a separate cost?


The survey tool is an additional tool that Constant Contact offers. You can play around with the survey tool free for 60 days if you want. I recommend starting with creating a poll to put into your newsletter because they are really easy to create. See what kind of participation you get. Then create the newsletter feedback survey to link to in your newsletter. There is a nonprofit template with good questions for this already created that you can customize – it’s called “Nonprofit Pack - Newsletter Feedback.” 


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