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Two Truths You Should Be Telling

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Katya Andresen spoke to Rohit Bhargava and asked him what "two pieces of advice he'd give nonprofits about earning trust and inspiring action".  I have to say I completely agree with his advice!


Tell the truth about yourself

Tell the truth about what you need


Do you agree?


Check out the full article "Two truths you should be telling" to also check out Rohit's new book "Likeonomics: The unexpected truth behind earning trust, influencing behavior and aspiring action".

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Re: Two Truths You Should Be Telling

I couldn't agree more with the first one especially. People can sense when someone is not being themselves. 


I encourage everyone to watch the video in Katya's blog post. It's heartwarming what Charity Water is doing to help the people in the remote areas of Africa. I just donated to their cause. You can find their website here:  ... Please help if you can. 


I've also posted their organization on our Drumming Up Support for a Better World Facebook page. If you like to be a part of change, please LIKE our page.

Mike Donovan