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Often I create events that are scheduled for more than 3 months from the date I create them. Or I use EventSpot for ongoing fundraising campaigns. So toward the end of the 3 months, first I have to remember that there is a 3-month limit, then I have to Copy the event and change the event date. This is a huge inconvenience and creates a risk of an event registration closing automatically while I'm still soliciting registrations. I've had this happen. Please enable a longer event limit, preferably 6 months, or create an auto-reminder emailed to me that X event will close in, say, 3 days. Thank you. Ken McDonnell 774 364 4965 Wake Up Narcolepsy kmcdonnell@wakeupnarcolepsy.org
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Hi @KevinC49 

Thanks for your feedback! Instead of making the copy you can always go in and chnage the end date of the same event as long as you do this before the event is over. Just go in and make the changes in your Event Basics and then re-save. Also, you can always hide the date and time information from the registration form so you can include it in the text instead. This would help clarify when the event will be ending if at a date later than 90 days later. 

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