Abandoned Registrations - Better Access for Completion

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I would like to see enhanced features around the "abandoned" registrations. 


*Ability for admin to go to that abandoned registration and complete it fully, including payment information (i.e. take CC info over the phone and manually enter it to complete the payment/registration fully.

*Ability to link to the abadoned record in the email to registrant. Right now, when you click the email button to alert the registrant they abandoned their registration, you just get a blank email. The registrant has no choice but to fully re-register - there should be a way for them to re-join that abandoned reigstration.



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Thanks for the feedback and ideas!


The blank email you referred to isn't specific for just those abandoned registrants. It's meant to be a way to communicate with individual people no matter if they have registered or not. 

and continue with the registration process and re-run the payment. The way it is set up now, I have to cancel the registration and make the customer start ALL over and when it is a very detailed registration, that is SUPER time consuming and inefficient. It should be available on the back end (my end) as soon as possible! I run into this every single day!!! Thanks so much, Whitney
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