Ability to customize existing event themes

For landing pages, you currently have the option to select a theme or create a custom one. However, I think my business would benefit from the landing pages more if I can select a theme from the list and then edit the color scheme. Some of the themes look great but wish I could match my company colors to them.

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On the event landing page, I can put additional text in the left sidebar under the contact information. But in that same space on registration page, I can't add any text. Is there a way to do it that I just can't figure out or is this a feature that is not available? If it's not available, it should be. Thanks.
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It would be a great feature if we could organize registrants within CC. For example, if we could assign registrants to a table number, and then we could sort the entire registration list by number. That would make it possible to email people with their assigned table number, and have a check in list by table at the event. Right now we have to do this outside of CC in a spreadsheet.

Hello! I am new to constant contact.
I wanted to know about the landing page of a poll. After submitting the answer in the email, customers are taken to a "Thank you" landing page.
Can I customize that page according to my preferences?
I have searched a bit and couldn't find an answer. 

It will be great if someone can answer me about this. 
Thanks in advance.

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