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Ability to customize existing event themes

For landing pages, you currently have the option to select a theme or create a custom one. However, I think my business would benefit from the landing pages more if I can select a theme from the list and then edit the color scheme. Some of the themes look great but wish I could match my company colors to them.

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On the event landing page, I can put additional text in the left sidebar under the contact information. But in that same space on registration page, I can't add any text. Is there a way to do it that I just can't figure out or is this a feature that is not available? If it's not available, it should be. Thanks.
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It would be a great feature if we could organize registrants within CC. For example, if we could assign registrants to a table number, and then we could sort the entire registration list by number. That would make it possible to email people with their assigned table number, and have a check in list by table at the event. Right now we have to do this outside of CC in a spreadsheet.

Hello! I am new to constant contact.
I wanted to know about the landing page of a poll. After submitting the answer in the email, customers are taken to a "Thank you" landing page.
Can I customize that page according to my preferences?
I have searched a bit and couldn't find an answer. 

It will be great if someone can answer me about this. 
Thanks in advance.

It would be cool to be able to upload an image for the background
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Hi @TeresaC794 where are you trying to upload an image as your background? If you are trying to set an image as the background to your email campaign the good news is this is available feature!


Reply from @TeresaC794 

Hi there,

I was trying to load the image as a background on an event landing page.



Hi @TeresaC794 thanks for following up with this clarification! The good news is this a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this feature.

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