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Ability to embed an event registration form...

Ability to embed an event registration form...

Ability to embed a constant contact event registration form on my own website?
I want people to be able to register without having to leave my website.

Status changed to: New

Thanks for posting this feedback! Would you like the entire registration form to be embedded or would like a shortened form to be created for this case? How do you imagine that the registrant would get the Event details? 

 I would like this feature too. I think the event details should be optional in this case. I would imagine it working like embedding a mailing list signup would work, that we would get some code we coudl edit ourselves so if we wanted to present the details in a different way, we could.

Status changed to: Voting Open

For two years this has been brought up?


Is there a status change here?


Actually, this has been brought up since 2011... I vote a HUGE yes to get this up and running. 

Does this still not exist? 


There's still no way to embed a registration form?  It's 2017 :/

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Still no way to embed an event sign up form?

I have all the relevant details on the landing page on my website, but the clients have to go elsewhere to sign up for my event?

It's 20-freaking-17!

Facebook ads for event sign ups are POINTLESS if the user leaves my site to sign up. Facebook can't optimize because the conversion pixel is on my site.

Why make me do anything different?

Eventbrite has this feature so I use that for my events now. Eventbrite allows you several embed options. You can also add your FB pixel to eventbrite to capture people coming to your event pages. They are also mobile responsive. Constant Contact is not mobile responsive in so many features, including their surveys. It's been a huge headache for me.