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Ability to embed an event registration form...

Ability to embed an event registration form...

Ability to embed a constant contact event registration form on my own website?
I want people to be able to register without having to leave my website.

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03-11-2011 original request on "Embedding an event registration form..."


Hmmm... So, there is still not a solution from Constant Contact.


This is an important feature to prioritize. We are currently looking to switch to a solution that does allow for event page embedding. At the very least optimize so that it would work with iframe.

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We have been looking at different event management options just for this reason. We prefer to host everything on our own site to make sure the event listing and registration is as simple as possible for the end user. Reducing clicks is a major part of that. Outside of that, the event landing page/registration forms designs are bland, minimalist in design and limited in customization capabilities. In addition, unlike competitors like Event Bright, CC has no events app for mobile users nor is there an advanced/custom option for the registration OR landing pages. Allowing users to pick fields and lists from a drop down individually, within their CMS (WordPress in our instance) both saves time and offers more customization than alternative options. Please give us options for building out our events and marketing.

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2019! Still waiting...


Constant Contact seems to be falling behind the other options.