Ability to trigger series based on my custom dates

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Ability to trigger series based on my custom dates

Hi All!

So I just switched over from another EMM provider, and there are some things that are really being overlooked for professional marketers as far as automation is concerned. As someone who was a diehard, and consistently in the top 5% of monthly users, there are things that I love so far about Constant Contact (i.e. easily being able to adjust the theme of emails without diving into source code).


There are definitely some things aside from the basic email editor that I think can be improved on. For instance, being able to base an automated series around a specific date or custom field is crucial in B to B email marketing. Our clients have lease expiration dates listed in their contact profiles (custom fields), which means that they would specifically be looking for our products around this time. Being able to time an automation series around this would be a game-changer.


Another improvement would be to allow the functionality of automatically funneling contacts into separate contact lists once they finish an automation series. For example, during an automated series, I do not want my "general interest" emails going to specific contacts in addition to the automated series, but after the automated series is complete, I would love to avoid having to manually remove them from the automated series and add them back into the "general" list. 


Just some thoughts on taking the automation-side of Constant Contact to the next level!

Thanks for listening to my rant!


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Hi @MatthewM4032. These are great ideas! For your second point about moving contacts into different lists when they are done with a series, how you would expect the contacts to move to the appropriate lists? Would there be a prompt in the last email asking what content they're interested in or something else?

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If I add a new e-mail to an autoresponder campaign, the campaign starts right away for this new contact. I would like to be able to set a starting date for a new (group of) contact(s).


If it's already possible, please let me know.

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