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I HAD a customer who wanted to give a discount for groups who purchased a minimum of 8 tickets to her event. Each ticket after 8 would be discounted by $5. However, after giving the access code to the group, the discount price started at 1 instead of 8 meaning that someone who received the code could pass it along to a friend who only wanted to purchase 1 ticket and receive the code which would be taking money out of my client's pocket. Is there a way to make sure that the purchaser only recieves the discount once they have purchased the minimum needed that will entitle them to the discount? Event Brite has this option, so the client is using them as opposed to us. :frown:
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She would like to have an individual guest fee ($27), a table discount fee for someone who purchases at least 8 tickets for their youth group ($176 [ea ticket is $22). Say that the group leader of the ministry wants to purchase 11 tickets, all at the discounted rate of $22, when she purchases the additional tickets, the registration keeps add an additional ticket. Is there a way to account for the purchaser's ticket in the "table tickets" for the full total of 11 discounted tickets and not 1 regular price ticket then 11 discount tickets? Thanks.
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