Add Mutiple Events/locations // Guest must also "select" events attending to appear on report

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EventSpot Registration Our high school reunion committee decided to have a multiple event reunion including 3 restaurants and a bus tour of the city on a Friday and Saturday. All events require an accurate headcount for EACH of the food and transportation vendors. EventSpot (ES)Problems in set up: Revision: ES must allow multiple events/locations (It can be modified by user with difficulty) Program Fails to list which events GUEST will be attending on export report tab making accurate headcount impossible w/o viewing each individual registration. Program Assumes/Defaults to guest attending same events as registrant which may not be true, skewing attendance numbers. (Work-around Registrants with guests) Registrant event attending info can be copy/pasted to Guest info on the exported report. (Assuming that all guests will attend same events as registrant) Revision: Guest must also “select” events attending to have listed on exported report and improve attendance accuracy for each event.
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