Add "Make Event live on _______ date" option

Because our events are small and in high demand, it's very important for us to be able to tell potential attendees when the event will go live and be ready for sign-ups. Currently, we are trying to solve this problem on our website, and only adding the link at the "go live" date and time. It would be much easier, efficient, and convenient if EventSpot had an option to specify the date and time when the event will go live, and up until that time, display an "event not yet open" message at the URL for the event.
Status changed to: New
Hi Jack! Thank you so much for this feedback. This is something our developers will look into. We really value your opinion and want to give you the tools you need. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any more details or suggestions to give us!
Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes
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