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Add ticket count/limit for each type of ticket

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It is essential for our organization to limit the # of attendees for each type of ticket (in our case, "Drivers" and "Passengers", as well as "Waitlist", which is something I'm sure everyone has to deal with). This breakdown is so essential that, currently, I am creating 3 different events for every trip of ours, which, obviously, is not terribly efficient. Please add the option to close registration for individual ticket types when individual limits are reached, rather than an aggregate total.

Hi Jack!


This is great feedback! Thank you for this and we will look into this for you.


Until this is implemented, we do have an option for this called "Items" -- items generally refer to items or merchandise you want to sell during your event but you can use this for other options such as selling tickets for multiple purchase or sessions for your event. Each item can have a limit on how many can be sold and how many can be purchased by each registrant. And it closes that item once the limits are reached. It's also very flexible in terms of naming and adding descriptions for your registrant's information.


Here's a great FAQ on how you can use the "Items" tool for this purpose: Adding Multiple Sessions/ Options to Event. Hope this helps.



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