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Adding Comp Registrations to a Paid Event

My suggestion for future versions is to allow planners to go in the dashboard and register people without attaching payment. This is a very common practice with meetings and events. There's usually some sort of "Comp List" It would be helpful not to have to keep two separate lists, eliminating errors with registration and making it more streamlined. It would also allow us to use the email features more, since as it stands now, I'm missing half my attendees because they were comped through sponsorship packages or guests of ours. Just food for thought.

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Thanks for this feedback, I can understand how this would be helpful!


As a workaround you could always temporarily add "Pay At The Door" as an option, then register the people you want. Once they are registered, remove the option from your event so others don't see it and then update the payment status of the people you have manually registered from pending to paid. 



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