Allow document or URL links on registration page

It would be incredibly useful to allow document links or URL links on the registration page. If I have an additional document which I would like people to access when they register (such as an itinerary), I need to be able to do that on the registration page RATHER than the invitation page. I have found people don't want to go back out to the email invitation after they have registered to get documents. They would rather have that option on the registration page.

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Hi, I do not see a way to link documents on an event landing page. This option should be enabled as there is an extra cost for this service and should be available across the site.
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This is a great idea. Please vote for this idea if you would also like to see an easier way to link to documents on the event landing page.

We drop the document to link on our website, and use the link to the web document for the Click Here for more information that is in the registration block with the button for Click here to register.  Or we just use the link to our corporation's event web page/calendar which has a link to additional forms, but that is a lot of clicks for the user.


Thanks for sharing this feedback, Amber!

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Thanks for posting this feedback! We don't suggest including any kind of download here as the goal of this page is to complete registration for the event. I understand how a feature that allows this would be helpful though!

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What about uploading documents (link) that would appear in the confirmation page? We often have events where extra documentation is necessary. If I have to email that information seperatly, it defeats the purpose of doing it through constant contact. If I can only upload a document (link) through the invitation page, it is not intuitive to get documents you receive as a result of registering rather than before you register.

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Yes, there is a way to include a document link on the Landing page.  Add the Document you would like to have open to your Library.  You can "add link" to the document under Edit Landing Page.


Open another window and Upload your document to your Library. (Easiest to do it with 2 windows open)

In that 2nd window, Go to Library and locate the document. Click on the Basic Info (Name of the doc) - The File URL will be highlighted.

Click Select and Ctrl-C to copy the link

Go back to your Landing Page Edit screen and type a word for what you want to call the link, highlight the word and either select the "insert link" icon or right-click and select "insert/edit link" and paste the document link in the Link URL field. Click Update. Click SAVE on your block you are adding the link to, then SAVE (top) and FINISH.




Would like to be able to use on event homepages but need to access the HTML as well as the CSS. If we can't get access to this, can we add a more robust Add to Calendar tool similar to the one found The current one is very limiting.
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