Allow total administrative access after closing

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The event roster should reflect all attendees, including walk ins. However, walk ins cannot be added once the event closes which means it gets down on the day of the event, or never. There are various needs to add attendees after the event. 


The event as a permanent record should show all the attendees. At some point, if SCORE begins to pull off the attendees for their event records by chapter, this function will be required to have the correct record. 


We run several workshop series where there is one registration but 4 workshops in the series. We need a roster for each workshop but since there is only 1 event, we cannot pull rosters for the other 3 workshops or correct the original roster once it closes. 


Basically this is a request to expand the admin function to be a true admin function, allowing correction of all fields and updates. 

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This is a great suggestion. Please vote for it if you would like to see it implemented.
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