What happened to the ability to create and update an archive list of campaigns that I could add to my website in the form of a link. See example: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs043/1102175106138/archive/1102739080973.html Gerard Lupien
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The old method of posting emails and managing the archive page was more user friendly. Hoping someone improves this.
Regular Participant
Used archiving feature with a public website to display newsletters. However, others in office use it to send out private letters (i.e. school, etc..). This new embed feature will automatically list all archive (last 10) and display on my website. That is terrible and now I have to worry that private info may accidentally post if I am not constantly monitoring. My only other option is to recreate on my website a webpage and manually put in a short URL link??? This is extra work for me with really no benefit. Please explain why archive was removed without any communication to end users. This was a paid for feature and the new option has a big chance of displaying private communications. Very disappointed.
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Add the Embeddable Archive Widget to a Website

Article: 000008759
Copy the code for the Embeddable Archive widget and add it to the source code of a website


Important: This FAQ requires you to use HTML code.

If you're an Email+ customer, once you've selected the emails you want to include in your Embeddable Archive, the next steps are to get the code and add the widget to your website so they can be seen. You only need to do this once.


RECOMMEND:  Since this new widget appears to use any recently archived emails - I recommend that an option be added to differentiate between website postable (public) and website not postable (private) archives.



Regular Participant

Since this new widget appears to use any recently archived emails - I recommend that an option be added to differentiate between website postable (public) and website not postable (private) archives.  This will address issue and allow end-users to selectively group communications and decide what should be included on public websites.

This is a formal complaint concerning the new archive feature. Who decided to change the feature so that the link codes that have been used before are no longer accessible? This will require days of work from an outside webmaster to reinstate news articles on our website AND makes it impossible for people to access any past items posted on other community partners' websites. We just prepaid for a year with Constant Contact, but unless this is remedied, we may cancel our subscription.
Occasional Participant
I used to be able to use the archive feature and edit the names of the e-mails to our subject line but now I am being told that will no longer be an option.... If that's the case I can't imagine using the feature.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Great feedback, thank you for sharing. 


I'm both happy and upset about the changes. 

1. I no longer have to manually update my rss feed for it to be archived, that is good. 

2. I don't have the option to change the title of my archived feed, that is bad and my client will not be happy with that.

3. I used to be able to have my RSS feed go automatically to facebook, twitter and other social media, that is no longer an option, as it is a javascript and not RSS, BAD.

4. I don't have the option to pick and choose which emails get onto the archive feed, in the past I've needed to archive emails that don't go on my feed, they are just for internal use. Now my internal use emailers that are just for the company will be shown to the world, that is BAD.


I like the new automatic post option, but more work needs to be done, there should be an option to change the title of the archived emailers, pick and choose which archived emailers go on my feed, and have an RSS feed that can post to social media.

You ask for feedback so here it is...I DO NOT like your new archive layout. The previous one was MUCH better.
Dear Colleagues - after using CC and the email archiving feature happily for years the changes you have made to this feature have me looking for another company to replace CC. It's *that* bad. In the past I could archive all my emails, including a description of each, on a page that looked pretty good. Now I can only log 50 of them, with no description, on a Web page that looks awful, unless I learn CSS. In addition of course to html. It escapes me how this is an improvement. Bad show all around. My suggestion: improve this quick or you'll be losing customers in droves!
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bring it back
Consulting & Training
I'm not a fan of the new interface, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. But a very useful tool that we've used for years is now eliminated. When we scheduled an email, we used to copy the Archive url and insert it into the message for Facebook, Twitter & Google+ sharing of the blast. Without that url before the send, we now have to remove the sharing function from our campaigns.
Consulting & Training

We used the archive link to create social media share buttons in our email templates. We create important announcements for our clients and our subscribers enjoyed the ability to share that information with a single click. Without that feature we are forced to strip the buttons from our template and supply a less useful product.

Status changed to: Voting Open
Occasional Participant
Since the new design of the CC website I have difficulty navigating. Cannot find the archive page for sent email and publish to our website. Where did it go??
Occasional Participant
Hate the way you now archive our newsletters. We could add one at a time with the index visible for a quick search of articles. Now they only archive in groups of 5, 10 etc which means you either duplicate or eliminate past newsletters. This is a nightmare for our organization and although I have spoken with a C.C. agent, there has been no other alternative offered. Change is not always better.
I am very unhappy that we've lost the option of maintaining a customized archive for our eNewsletters. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs028/1102260675081/archive/1102712707967.html The widget option is not an effective solution, and pushing the workload to us, your customer, to generate a webpage with each newsletter URL is not a user-friendly option. While I get that most eBlasts are quick, immediate and timely, not the best fodder for an archive. Our Early Lit Bits, enewsletter is used by librarians and early childhood educators around the country as a content-rich resource for activities, book, music and app reviews. I would like a response indicating whether the customizable archive is under consideration for re-evaluation by Constact Contact engineers. Thank you, Heidi Nagel, Kent District Library, Manager of Communications & Programming
Occasional Participant

This isn't a new idea-- instead a recent change to CC has made things difficult for my organization.


We used the old archive homepage on our website, as an elegant way for people to look read through all of our old monthly newsletters. Now, not only is there no feature to enter text, there is also not even the option of editing a campaign name. This means that if I used a functional name for internal purposes in the past (such as December newsletter, 2nd draft) that would be the name that appears on my archive. Because this is not website ready, it effectively means that if I want to continue updating my archive homepage, I'll need to re-create the whole thing in a new page on my website--creating the text, formatting it, and pasting the links to each individual newsletter, which goes back to 2010.


I will say that this archive homepage feature was one of the main things keeping us at Constant Contact. This service is a fairly substantial expense for our budget, and weighing the options, the archive homepage was something we didn't want to lose.


I recognize the need to continuously update the service for customer's needs. I imagine other people also put this option to use and will have to work hard to figure out a new solution.



Occasional Participant

The new archive homepage makes CC less valuable to my organization, and now requires us to search for a new provider- even though we had been very, very happy with CC. My sentiments echo those of ViveG on 12-05-2016: We used the archive as a way for employees to access previous newsletters, and our support desk would often direct people to previous newsletters for instructions. The new widget requirement is perplexing. One of the best features about CC is that I did not need to use/know HTML to produce a great product.


Additionally, I do not remember getting communication from CC explaining this change to my account, or the benefits of the change, or the increase in price for continued ability to archive. CC has, until now, proven itself to provide exceptional customer service and support. This change and lack of communication is as surprising as it is unpleasant.

Occasional Participant
First of all, it would have been nice to receive information about the changes you were making to the Archive feature. Couldn't you have sent me an email? I hear they are very effective. I had a perfectly good page set up on our website that I had to waste an hour of my life changing. On top of that, now I have to wait for support to resolve the problem of emails displaying from months ago, rather than the 10 most recent. Also, why 10? Before I could choose just how many displayed and would typically display 8 for the past two months. I could also add some info. about each email. Why should I have to go to a separate page and archive an email. I used to be able to do it as part of sending the email. Now, not only do I have to go to a separate page to archive it, I have to wait 15 minutes for it to be sent before I can archive it! Why have you created extra hassle for us? Also, the font on the embed is tiny! I've always appreciated "upgrades" in the past, but this one is, at best, ill conceived.
Occasional Participant
Very upset that the archive link has been eliminated. This was an essential element in the effectiveness of constant contact. The ability to link to specific emails and edit titles of those emails was incredibly useful for the potential reach of the service. Why would you delete that feature?
Not applicable

On the flip side, many people are not aware that archived campaigns are (were) totally searchable and viewable by anyone via a basic web search.  Looking for your product?  Search results might include archived constant contact emails from a promotion five years ago, or a users conference from 2014 - not results that you really want people seeing.  So not having an archive that goes w-a-y back can actually help in many ways.


Any updated about this? This change has hit our account only now (March 2017), the old archive went away and we are left with this useless new version. Seriously considering looking for a new vendor. And on top of it, they raise my monthly price by $15!

Frequent Participant
Where has the choice to archive an email gone?

I am not enjoying the functionality of the new archive at all. Sometimes it doesn't show up on my website. It is unattractive and doesn't really tell our readers much with the simple titles. The old archive was far superior.


Hello @NCCIH. Great question!


Our new archive feature is now embeddable! Here are a couple of articles to help you find it and how to add and remove emails to it.




I would very much like it to at least give us an option or a link or this widget. I don't need a "widget" cluttering our web pages.

Regular Participant

Our organization has been using Constant Contact for all our campaigns to our membership for over 6 years now. We have sent hundreds and hundreds of emails using your system. Following the changes you have recently implemented that have made the Archive feature compeltely useless to us, we have now been forced to look into other mass mailing system to switch to.

What Archive has become now is compeletely useless. Moreover, it is completely impossible to use even if we wanted to.

1) It was previously possible to archive a newsletter at the sime time as sending it. Now, it is not - one has to go back and archive the newsletter after it's sent.
2) Adding archived emails to the archive page on our company website used to be instant. Now, it takes forever.
3) Previously, it was possible to add a Description under each archived newsletter's title. We used it to list the contents / summary of topics contained in each newsletters. That enabled our members to do keyword search on the archives page on our website to find the issues that contained the information they were looking for. That feature has now disappeared - WHY??? This has rendered the whole Archive feature useless! No member is going to remember that they read certain information in the February 21st, 2012 issue!
4) The maximum number of archived emails that can be displayed is now 100. Previously, it was unlimited - it was possible to insert a link at the bottom of the list of archived emails saying "Click here for earlier emails".
5) MOST IMPORTANTLY: The emails that are displayed on the archived page on our website are now displayed not in the order that they were sent (chronological), but in the order they were archived! We have been sending our newsletter out to our organization's membership every two weeks for 6 years now. The issues were not always archived in the order that they were sent - sometimes one went in and archived the last 4 issues, or sometimes some email other than the newsletter got archived. Do the math - that is 6*25 = 150 issues to UN-archive, then go through the list of THOUSANDS of emails that we have sent to our members using Constant Contact (we don't only send newsletters, we send many different kinds of notices to different groups and sub-groups within our associaiton), FIND those 150 newsletters and archive them in the EXACT order that they were sent out! And, if one mistake is made - there is no way to move issues displayed on the archives page arond, the only solution would be to, again, UN-archive 149 or so emails, then again go through the list of thousands of emails and archive all the newsletters in exact chronologic order.
Does your organization have staff who could dedicate weeks of their time to doing this? Ours doesn't.
6) Before, it was possible to edit the title of the email to be displayed on the Archive page. I always inserted there the date that it was sent out. Now, that is not even possible - the newsletter issues are displayed on the archives page without any dates.

Our bi-weekly newsletter is a very important tool of communicating and providing information to our members, and our Newsletter Archive page was widely used by our membership to retrieve information. It is no longer.

I am asking - WHY? Why make all these ridiculous changes and deteriorations to something that was working perfectly? Why drive away loyal long-time customers?
Very disappointing, Constant Contact!

Status changed to: New

Thank you for taking time and sharing your feedback!

Regular Participant

Tried to use the new Archive Widget and couldn't based on the following.

  • Widget lists by Subject, not title of the archived item. Many subjects the same, so cannot differentiate between archive items. Could find no way to list by title rather than subject.
  • Could find no way to list just some (not all) archive items.
  • Could find no way to list archive items with a cutoff date (without deleting archive items). Can only list by last 10, 50, etc.

So rather than linking to a Constant Contact archive page URL (as was done before the Archive Widget was introduced), had to create a page with links to each archive item. Having to do this manually is a big step backward from old archive URL.


Maybe I'm not aware of all the ways to use the Archive Widget, so I'm hoping someone knows how to customize it.



Health Practitioners & Centers

With the New and NOT improved archive 2.0 widget, I no longer have a nice, neat graphic that can be clicked on and the reader is taken to a publically viewable archive page. Now, the best I can do is have a LONG STRING of individual links to each individual newsletter...looks horrible. After 10+ years with CC, I'm thinking it's past time to move on from CC to another service, things are really going downhill.


Perfect example: Just now, tried to insert "Archive" as a label...it's not even available as a label!  ::: sigh :::


The new archive system has made our archive useless!  We are a garden shop and our info is seasonal.  We were able to sort it by date/season and add the date.  Now we can't sort at all.  PLEASE bring back the old system!

Occasional Participant
Archiving is a basic feature on newsletters. CC should not charge additional for that. I am a freelancer, already paying $45/mo. and expect archiving feature on the newsletter.
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