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What happened to the ability to create and update an archive list of campaigns that I could add to my website in the form of a link. See example: Gerard Lupien
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Status changed to: New

Thank you for taking time and sharing your feedback!

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Tried to use the new Archive Widget and couldn't based on the following.

  • Widget lists by Subject, not title of the archived item. Many subjects the same, so cannot differentiate between archive items. Could find no way to list by title rather than subject.
  • Could find no way to list just some (not all) archive items.
  • Could find no way to list archive items with a cutoff date (without deleting archive items). Can only list by last 10, 50, etc.

So rather than linking to a Constant Contact archive page URL (as was done before the Archive Widget was introduced), had to create a page with links to each archive item. Having to do this manually is a big step backward from old archive URL.


Maybe I'm not aware of all the ways to use the Archive Widget, so I'm hoping someone knows how to customize it.



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With the New and NOT improved archive 2.0 widget, I no longer have a nice, neat graphic that can be clicked on and the reader is taken to a publically viewable archive page. Now, the best I can do is have a LONG STRING of individual links to each individual newsletter...looks horrible. After 10+ years with CC, I'm thinking it's past time to move on from CC to another service, things are really going downhill.


Perfect example: Just now, tried to insert "Archive" as a's not even available as a label!  ::: sigh :::

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The new archive system has made our archive useless!  We are a garden shop and our info is seasonal.  We were able to sort it by date/season and add the date.  Now we can't sort at all.  PLEASE bring back the old system!

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Archiving is a basic feature on newsletters. CC should not charge additional for that. I am a freelancer, already paying $45/mo. and expect archiving feature on the newsletter.