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I find it very unusual and quite ridiculous that if i want to change the order in which i send my emails and which emails are sent in my series, that i can't just reschedule and prioritize them when i want. You should give your users the ability, simple editing and rescheduling the sequence function. I can't even unschedule certain emails at this time, at least it's not showing them as unscheduled. I find the editing of your AR functionality very antiquated.
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Hi @JonR77 


Where in your automated campaign are you looking for this ability? Users do have the ability to edit the order of emails in an automated series.

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I clicked on the menu to the right of the msg in the series and then click on schedule. I try to schedule and I get an error that scheduling is not available. 

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Hi @JonR77  I can see you also posted about this in a different area of the Community. If you need any further assistance, we ask that your please reply through that post as we will be notified appropriately.

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