Autofill previous customers contact info during event registration

Autofill previous customers contact info during event registration

I wonder if there is anyway to automatically associate names with contact information of previous customers, during the registration process. So return customers do not have to fill in all their information each time they register for one of my events. I have many returning customers. Thank you!
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HI Colleen, Unfortunately this is not available currently but this is a great idea for the future! Thanks for posting!
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When a user registers for an event their information is stored in the contact database.  There needs to be a way for a returning users information to auto populate from the database into the registration forms to preclude having to repeatedly enter the information.  We use the event management as a portal for registrations for classes, seminars, and conferences.  We have a high number of repeat customers and this would be a significant time saver.


Our business would so appreciate having an easy way to manually register multiple people for a single event, such as by uploading a spreadsheet containing all the data fields for the people to be registered.


Right now the three people on my work team are all sending Outlook calendar invites in addition to our usual Constant Contact invitations. Even though my colleagues do include the Constant Contact link within their calendar invites, 99% of the invitees just click "accept" and never register themselves. Therefore I (the support person) spend several hours a month now manually registering attendees. These are all people in our Constant Contact database, so we have their contact data already--they just need to be signed up.


Any workaround you could come up with for this would be hugely appreciated!