Automated Campaign Flaws

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2 problems in automated campaigns. #1 not all existing emails that have been created show up in the options to add to a new automated campaign. #2 if i want to add a new email to an existing campaign it always goes at the end of the process and no way to reorder the campaign. Therefore if i want to replace a welcome email with a new welcome email i have to create a whole new automated campaign. Waste of time!
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Thanks for posting about this. It sounds like you are working on an Automation campaigan. At this time you can add new emails as the last step to an Autoresponder series without stopping the series but you couldn't add a middle step until you deactivated the series. As long as no one is queued up this isn't a problem and you can re-start it right away. 


Can you give me an example of a campaign that can't be added? Any email should be available to you! 

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