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Autoresponder Send Time

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Does anybody know of a way to schedule autoresponder for a specific time, say 1 pm? Right now I have noticed my emails are sending around 4:40, which is not the best time! I welcome any ideas as this is pretty frustrating.



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Hi all!


Is anybody else frustrated with the fact that you cant set a specific time for your autoresponders? Mine seem to send at 4:40 which is not when my list is opening their emails (we are b2b). Anyone have tips or a solution?



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You have identified an interesting issue that I have not seen raised here before.


You'll read articles on subject line - day to send - time to send etc., but you have ZERO control over your entire auto responder system.  I do see that as a concern.


I just checked a few clients AR's and it seems once the time is set all subsequent deliveries are sent at the same time. Of the 5 I checked all were sent during business hours in the US anyway.   Not sure if I was lucky or my sample size is too small.  But you're correct, the time to send is based on some algorithm that's a secret so far.  My first guess is load balancing the mail servers.


No work around that I can think of.


Maybe Support can tell us what the send time is based on.


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I have tried acivating and scheduling them at a time I would want sent, and I have also added lists at a time I would want to send. Neither way worked, so I suspect its a load balacing issue. 




We send the Autoresponders out within 24-48 hours of the contact being added to the list and the Autoresponder activated.


At this time we do not have a way to schedule an Autoresponder to go out at a specific time. If you want a specific time, you can use the Campaigns products as those allow for exact scheduling.


Please submit this feature request to our Autoresponder Feedback Board so that others may vote on it and our developers will see that this is a feature that is wanted by our customers.


Thank you for posting and I hope that helped!

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