Biggest Challenge - Events

Our biggest challenge, and something that will force us to find an alternative software, is the events campaigns. Over and over again, we are having the same questions from our event participants. #1. folks without emails. We need a way to add people without emails.  We thought we could overcome this issue by having staff add them, but that brings us to biggest Constant Contact fail #2. Cannot register a second time with the same email. SO, if you need to register multiple folks, you need everyone's email addresses (if available). We would have them click on the "bring a guest", but that brings us to biggest fail #3. not enough customizable questions. So for our conference, we need to list sessions folks will be attending. There are enough for the original particpant, but not if you add people. 


So, we will wait out our contract and through the final registration for our event and likely look elsewhere for event registration capabilities. 


I hope Constant Contact can fix these issues.

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