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I have been used to scheduling emails using the Calendar View. Due to the volume of emails that I send out (when things are normal again), this view is MUCH easier than using the List View. Since you recently changed your format, the List View has become the default for scheduling emails. This means that every single time that I schedule an email I have to click on the Calendar View AGAIN to go back to that view so that I can schedule the next one. This repeats over and over and over. Right now, because of the virus situation I do not have that many emails to schedule so it is not that irritating, but when we get back to normal and I am scheduling a LOT of emails each week, having to click on Calendar View between every one of them will get very irritating. Isn't there a way to make Calendar View the default for those of us who prefer it over List View??
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Hi @ClaudeP1 what about the calendar view is easier for you than the list view? At this time there is not a way to make the calendar be the default view, it is however a great feature request we are tracking for you. 


Reply from @ClaudeP1 

With the Calendar View you can easily see everything that you have
scheduled in the distant past, the not so distant past and the recent
past. With the List View you have to search through multiple pages to see
what you have sent out and when.

With the Calendar View you can do a "Test Page" and easily go back to it
when you are ready to start sending it out for real. With List View you
would be searching forever trying to find when you did the Test Page.

We send out so many announcements that sometimes I may get distracted and
cannot remember whether I have scheduled an email already today or still
need to do it. With Calendar View it is easy to see what I have scheduled
today. With List View I have to search through the list.

There are other reasons that I am sure I would remember if I were
scheduling announcements right now. I will try and bring those to your
attention when I think of them.

Please note that I am not asking to do away with the List View. I am sure
it is easier for some people (especially those who do not send out many
announcements). What I am requesting is that you can set your own default
to Calendar View or List View, whatever works best for you. With it set
permanently on List View, it means that I have to do extra clicks every
single time that I start scheduling an announcement. That would not be a
problem if I was only scheduling a couple of announcements every day, but
(when things return to normal) I will be averaging between 8-12
announcements per day. Having to constantly switch back to Calendar View
will get very irritating.


Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for providing these details to help us better understand this need. We have opened your request up for voting.

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