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Campaign/Event Sort

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Campaign/Event Sort

I would like an additional sort option added so that I have the ability to see ONLY my open Events.  I would also like to be able to set a default sort so I don't have to change it every time.


The new format is not as easy to read as the old format was.  

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Thank you for the feedback @CharlaS.

We have tried, we just cannot adjust to the new format for campaigns. Can we please have an option for having Events, Emails, and Surveys back at the top? When I'm in an event and want to move to another event, I don't want to have to click back through Campaigns, down to events and sort and scroll each time. It would also be helpful to be able to "hide" completed events so they are not cluttering up current events, etc. Thank you.
Is there a way to put my active events on the top and in chronological order? Currently my active and done events are mixed togehther and It is inconvenient to have to scroll up and down to find my active events.
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Hello @JuddM12,


Thank you for this feedback. Currently there is no sort option to view only Active Events on top, however you can use the following sort methods to access only Active Events.


I've passed along your feedback for voting!

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When I look at my campaigns sorted by events, it would be nice if active events would show at the top by date. Right now I have to scroll through events that are done to get to the ones that haven't happened yet.