Cancelled registrations

When running the report for a luncheon that includes food choice, the user/administrator is not able to delete the cancelled registrations. These cancelled registrations are merely a mistake upon the person registering. I need to be able to cancel those registrations so they don't show up in the downloaded CSV exported to Excel report. It totally messes up the final tally. Also, the guest registration choices for lunch do not show up in the total tally. This also causes a problem because you have to manually count the extra lunch totals. For example I have 58 registrations. The luncheon choice totals up to 53. That is 5 lunches short of the total number of people. If someone doesn't pay attention to this, they could have a serious deficit in meal preparation. Also, if you are have items for sale, i.e. T-shirts, mugs, etc., there is not a place to upload pictures of those items. Thankfully we are not, but it is a potential problem for other non-profits using this for a fundraiser momentum. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me after 5:00pm EST. Thank you for your time. Lynn Hamilton
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