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It would be REALLY HELPFUL to have registration notifications go to a different email address than the email address that is used as a contact for the event. It's the sample principle in an email of having a "From" email address and a "Reply To" email address.

I do not receive an email when someone registers for the event
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As long as you have "Send me an email whenever someone registers for this event" on Event Basics checked, it should send an email to the event contact's email address, not the account owner's email. Is the event contact not receiving these emails?

Hi Thomas, 


You're absolutely right, the service that we use to send you emails when someone registers for you event went down.  We hustled to fix it and it is back up and running.  This feature is still relatively new, and its been pretty stable, but we did notice that it stop working once or twice.  Obviously the ideal scenario is that we just make sure it always works, but to give you a quick tip that may save you some time/frustration I'd recommend that you download our free "Event Check-in App" for iOS or Andriod.


You can log into the app and see your registrants easily.  Then during the event you can mark people as "attended" by searching for their names or scanning the QR code on their ticket.  


More info on the check in app can be read here:


Thank you again and keep the feedback coming!


Jim Mariano

Product Manager - EventSpot by Constant Contact


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1. If I want to register someone myself (they call to register vs register online), they don't need to receive an email confirmation. But there is no way to stop/cancel a registration notification. 2. The EventSpot account is under one person's name/email, but we want registration notifications to go out under someone else's name. Your emails allow us to select who we want emails to be sent from and who should receive the replies. Please offer this same functionality w/event registration emails.
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Thanks for this feedback!

This has worked on prior events. Please fix it! It's a very helpful feature. Thanks
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I have a situation where the person who is the host of the event and is the contact person for the event is not the same person that is managing the attendees. The second person should receive the email notifications that there is a new registrant because they are handling the administration of the event. Please consider adding a secondary email address for event campaigns. The host and the administrator, in my case, are two different people. Thanks John
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Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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Wow still an issue in 2016! Is it really such a hard fix?

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